Karass EP

by Best Friend

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Written and recorded by Peter Fox McCarville October 2016-March2017


released April 7, 2017

PFM - Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keys, Percussion, Voice
Sammy (the dog) - Barking, Growling, Collar jangles



all rights reserved


Best Friend Nashville, Tennessee

live in a cave,
never ever bathe

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Track Name: Disappear//Reappear, etc
Well the clouds came out, and the sky just disappeared
Rolled your window down, and let the rain in here
But you vanished just in time
to some precious place*
where you could spend your life
and live out all your days

Let's get one thing clear: you were never here
and I cant hide you
You can't hide from all your fears
But when you reappeared in the middle of the night
it paused my pulse, then shocked me back to life

*listen to "Precious Places" by Twin Studies
Track Name: It Was About Time
I couldn't believe my eyes
I knew I drew all of these meaningless lines
I was so sure that they would never blur
the way they ended up

I thought I had wasted all this time
It was just thirty seconds
I felt like it was about time
I finally felt like I was someone else
But you're not dumb
you and everyone saw right through my pale disguise

For thirty seconds I was someone else
Track Name: Goodnight
Wandering faded after the stars all fall
searching in between them for the face of God
stranded in the moonlight in some parking lot
I'll still try to waste my time

And like I'm underwater all my senses are blurred
I can't see you in front of me though you're still right here
When you reach out to touch me it still feels surreal
And I'll still try to wave goodnight
Track Name: Something Else
I thought there was no ending
Six months seemed infinite
As I laid beneath the canvas
with nothing on it
So I went, willing, into the dream

I wandered back onto the canvas
found my way back around
somehow, through all of the blank space,
I could still hear the sound of what I remember
the nodes swollen up on my neck
and I don't know if it was anger then
or something else

Now I can't forget what that promise meant:
If I worry myself to death, they'll remember me like this.
Track Name: Snodgrass Tower, 6AM
"Said goodbye to my parents - I was 26. I hopped in my Mirage, and off I went. And when the dust all settled, I was in Sedona. I met you and Peter there on that couch in the hostel. And we all had a fever, and we were all on our own, to make a new life somewhere and call it home. But when I looked in your eyes, the whole world was there. I felt no more longing. I had no reason to care.

"I told you I loved you. Did you feel the same way? I was so sure that you did, but then it all went away.

"I don't know how it started - it came on so slow. One day I was just in it, and that's all I would know. I'd been hearing voices again, but couldn't make out what they'd say, so I tried not to listen, and keep things the same. I went for a walk about 6AM in downtown Nashville - I had liked it there. And I climbed some scaffolding to the roof of the state building. The wind was so strong at the top, but I could see everything. There was only one way down, so I sent you a text, and I wrapped all my things in a kleenex. And I was falling, it didn't feel like death. It felt like was leaving one place, and on to the next.

Track Name: Words In This Language
Where do we begin? Life is sick, cruel and pointless,
and nothing has any meaning,
and you can't do one thing
that would validate existence.

Now I can't find the words
because there's not a single one.
Maybe in another language?
And I've got nothing too
Yeah I'm the same as you

There are no words in this language