by Best Friend

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recorded from May 2013 - January 2014

all songs written by peter mccarville and performed by best friend. for booking, hate mail, and all other inquiries we are at bestfriendtheband@gmail.com


released February 25, 2014

The following people played the following things on this album:

Brad King - Guitar, Production
David McCarville - Drums
Gregory Lancaster - Bass
Peter McCarville - Guitar, Vocals



all rights reserved


Best Friend Nashville, Tennessee

live in a cave,
never ever bathe

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Track Name: Awake
i'll waste away, shut my eyes and try to stay awake. while you dream of me and try to stay asleep. count down the days until you see your mistakes. when you look at me, i want to disappear completely
Track Name: Division
it was just a projection of a shadow on the wall. and when i am patient, i can hear your voice in the dark. and only after waiting for the light under the door, i fear my hope is fading until i don't feel anymore. i should've known it all along you would never come with me. i drove the whole way home in the shade of a pear tree.

i know the past means nothing, it's no use to think about. but the things you said were empty, and they're all i think of now. you like to cause division, that's all you could ever do. and since it was all for no reason, i hope the past still haunts you. you have nothing to live up to, can't stare in your dark eyes. everything will catch you and leave you far behind.
Track Name: Soft Focus
you dream in soft focus, i can feel you shaking down your legs. you broke your promise, so i watch the moon pass and reflect. it's hard to feel exactly when you speak that way. you can't haunt me, you are not a ghost. when i left your body, i felt so cold. it's hard to feel exactly when you speak that way.
Track Name: Sure
up all night, quiet for a while. i know you're tired, but open up your eyes. the room starts to spin, can't remember why. i can't understand but i will try. it was out of your control but still you can't be sure if you'll ever be all right. you can run away, but whats that gonna change? you carry the same weight any other place. you've been acting strange, and everyone's the same. try and understand but never comprehend or even find out why it was out of my control but still i can't be sure why you'll never be all right.
Track Name: Again
eight limbs, we stare at the back of our eyelids and the ceiling. the television was static, your hands were cut up and bandaged. take a moment, let each thought turn to the next and try and catch your breath again. it's no secret, but i wish it were. i can't help if i let my mind wander, but i saw you late one afternoon. it was hard to finally know the truth. in our bedrooms we were so young against your eyelids. never try to open them again.
Track Name: Phases of the Moon
i am better all the time, but i can't take when you are away. it's hard to tell if i'm in the right place. i tried to learn the phases of the moon and constellations. i didn't have to. but in real life, i don't care for solitude.
Track Name: Statue
head on the pillow, cracks on your mouth. you cast a shadow from under which i can't get out. if i knew better, it wouldn't take so long to see. you're like a statue, i'm staring up from underneath and something is happening to me. it equates now to less than zero. i had love i want to give but it's impossible. salt in the air, sand on my feet. you're bound for nowhere, but still you show your teeth. something is happening to me.
Track Name: Books
you'd run out of breath but you hadn't made it to the best part yet. sitting on the end of your bed, call long distance and getting upset. but if you were here again, i think you would be disappointed. all the books you had around your head, they were all just fiction. you'd become so old, and i really hadn't changed at all. i could see your bones through your clothes. you looked thin and your skin felt cold. "your picture is still on my wall". you're going backwards.
Track Name: Matters
whisper in pitch black. i can barely see your breath. try and forget that this ever happened. try and forget that this ever mattered. your words made me nauseous and stuck in the back of my head. can't finish a sentence without gasping for breath. keep waiting for sunlight, shaking alone. under the moonlight we were paler than bone. barely a whisper. pouring smoke from your eyes. try and remember staying awake last night. try and remember that this never mattered.